[IQUG] The database property on “string_rtruncation” at IQ version 16.1

Steve Shen sshen at sscinc.com
Tue Mar 12 11:58:53 MST 2019

My developers told me today that they ran into an issue: The character data input that was wider than the data type varchar column was working at version 16.0 with data truncated at the table loading time; but it’s throwing an error after I upgraded the IQ to version IQ/ - x86_64.

I got an incident below; but it’s on IQ version 16.0.

Was this still a problem at version 16.1?

The following was documented at https://help.sap.com/doc/a89b3a2984f210158cd1a1d90160c895/


If a default value is too long for a CHARACTER type column, SAP IQ either truncates the string or generates an exception, depending on the setting of the STRING_RTRUNCATION database option.


I am suspecting that the default value on “'string_rtruncation” might be changed at IQ version 16.1; but I could not prove this.

After exploring this issue, I am raising three questions:

1.       Why couldn’t I get the correct value while using “SELECT DB_PROPERTY (‘string_rtruncation')” at version 16.0 and 16.1?

2.       The default value on ‘string_rtruncation’ at IQ versions SAP IQ/16.0 was set to “Off” based on sysoptions system table.

3.       I could no longer see the database property on “string_rtruncation” at IQ version 16.1 based on sysoptions.  So what is the default value on “string_rtruncation” at version SAP IQ/16.1.

I got the following from IQ version 16.0 and 16.1.  I expected getting “Off” at version 16.0; but I got “NULL”.  Was it normal?

1> SELECT DB_PROPERTY ('string_rtruncation')
2> go


(1 row affected)

Thank you.

Steve Shen
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