[IQUG] [iqug] Other verions and total dbspace usage

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What about the line for “Active Txn Versions”?  Do you have that output?


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We started at 88% and it grew 11% in 13 hours dumping 24 tb of the 37tb.  We can consider stopping update activity during backups as an option I guess.
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It’s not quite that simple but that’s a good start. It is all workload dependent.  The more you change while a backup is happening the more space that’s needed.  This is why don’t recommend running a system so close to full.  I like to leave 5-20% free depending on the system size and workload.  You’re well within that range at 85-90% used.


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Since I cannot account for the other 3.4 TB in use and only see the 600 GB Other versions it makes it difficult to predict the actual amount of space I’ll need to buffer my dbspace to accommodate the full backups.

I guess I’ll have to extrapolate knowing at 4 TB in use at 99% my backup is about 65% done so adding another 1.5 TB may accommodate the backup plus adding on any buffer to get my total usage down to say 85 to 90% while running backups?


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Subject: Re: [IQUG] [iqug] Other verions and total dbspace usage

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I am not sure why it isn’t showing up, but a backup holds all transactions since the time that the backup began.  It prevents checkpoints from running (that’s how versions are freed in an MPX most of the time).  It prevents any version cleanup in the form of released space.  It has to do this as it is copying all blocks that were in use at the time that the backup began.  Regardless of what you do, it holds everything in a suspended state for the duration of the backup.  “Suspended” in that anything that would have caused a new version (insert, update, delete, etc) will be done and all new users can see the changes, but the backup is always relative to the time that the backup started so it must preserve the entire database at that point in time so space won’t be freed.

Once we “delete” a page from IQ it is free to be used again.  We can’t let that happen because that would overwrite data that was valid when the backup started.


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Subject: [IQUG] [iqug] Other verions and total dbspace usage

I see my dbspace filling to 98%  ( 41 TB of which 41+TB in use )  however the other versions is only 600 GB.

After killing my long running backup my space usage goes down to 37 TB.

Where the 2.4+TB of dbspace usage coming from if I only see 600 GB of other versions?


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