[IQUG] Anyone got around this?

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I get data from a number of sources in varying degrees of “quality”.  I operate in a UNIX environment and typically do a lot of pre-processing to make data in a more standard format that I typically load.  When I get data with double quotes, I have found that every column has that around the data is double quoted and a comma separator.  In cases like that I run the data through some edit filters (sed).  When dealing with double quotes I change all [ “,” ] (quote comma quote) pieces of the string to a single pipe character  [ | ], along with the beginning and end of line quotes.  I load with QUOTES OFF with no issue – the single and double quotes in the text are included in the column load fine.


Hope this helps.




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In LOAD TABLE (IQ16), QUOTES ON seems to look for both double quotes and single quotes. Is there any way to restrict that?

It happens a lot, data coming in files has double quotes for the “proper” quoted strings generally because there is a comma in there, but then some of the text contains the odd single quote as that is a valid part of the data. Generally I have stuck the file into notepad++ and removed or changed the single quotes, but data I’m working with right now is too big to load even in notepad++. WE have another route via a memory based editor but that also can’t cope with 600MB files.

So QUOTES ON fails because the single quotes in the main text are picked up as quoted field delimiters, and QUOTES OFF fails because then the commas in the “ “ fields are picked up as column delimiters. Ideally want a QUOTES ON but only double quotes.

Sadly I have no control at all over the source data so can’t use a different column delimiter, and as I say I have no easy notepad++ type way of removing the single quotes.

Anyone cracked this one?




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