[IQUG] cannot write to RO dbspace

Mark Mumy markdmumy at gmail.com
Mon Apr 8 20:05:45 MST 2019

Can you get the dbspace object info output for IQ_DBS_DTM_ARCHV_2017?

Perhaps you have an index there?  Anything but an fp can cause this.   


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> On Apr 8, 2019, at 21:54, Nguyen Anh Vu <vuna1981 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Dear experts,
> We have a IQ database with some partitioned tables (on a date column), we have some dbspaces to store partitioned tables, 1 dbspace to store current data, some dbspaces to store old data. Ex: current data stored in dbspace IQ_DBS_DTM_LARGE, data belong to year 2016 stored in dbspace IQ_DBS_DTM_ARCHV_2016, data belong to year 2017 stored in dbspace IQ_DBS_DTM_ARCHV_2017 etc ..
> Our ETL jobs always working with current date.
> Now we want to move dbspaces that store old data to ReadOnly (RO) to reduce time and storage needed for backup (we backup RO dbspaces once, and backup full/incremental RW dbspaces weekly)
> But when i move old dbspace to RO, our ETL job raise error that said cannot write to RO dbspace, although the where clause in ETL sql just do with current date.
> alter dbspace IQ_DBS_DTM_ARCHV_2017 readonly; --> ok
> delete from X where COB_DT = '2019-04-06'; --> resulted in error <[Sybase][ODBC Driver][Sybase IQ]Cannot write to RO DBSpace IQ_DBS_DTM_ARCHV_2017
> I don't understand why, i think IQ update index when doing DML, but all indexes not reside in IQ_DBS_DTM_ARCHV_2017. Why IQ need to write to old dbspace ?, current data reside in IQ_DBS_DTM_LARGE ?
> Pls help me find out,
> Thanks and best regards,
> VuNguyen
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