[IQUG] RAM per core requirement at IQ version 16

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The RAM sizing is for IQ.  If you have other things that consume large amounts of memory, you need to add that in.

Generally speaking, 12-16GB per core for IQ 16 is recommended.  This will leave enough RAM for the OS and some smaller things.  With 40 cores at 16gb per core, that’s 640gb.  We would leave 10% or 64gb for the OS and small stuff.   The other 90% would be divided between the three main caches, about 192GB per cache.  If you’ve got other apps that need 50gb, then you add another 50gb to the host or you take it away from IQ and take the impact, whatever it may be.  The sizing that we put forth assumes that the infrastructure is just running IQ with no other major consumer of RAM, disk, or CPU.  It leaves enough slack for the OS and other small items, but nothing major.  That’s where you have to decide is it better to pull some memory away from IQ to fit application X into that system or is it better to add more CPU, disk, and/or RAM so they can both reside on the same host.


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From: Steve Shen <sshen at sscinc.com>
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Subject: RAM per core requirement at IQ version 16

                The RAM per CPU core requirement at IQ version 16

Hi Mark,

I have one quick question on the RAM per CPU core requirement at IQ version 16.

The IQ version 16 requires more RAM per CPU core than what version 15.4 did:

  1.  The RAM per core ranges between 4 and 8 GB per core for IQ 15.4.
  2.  The RAM per core ranges between 8 and 16 GB per core for IQ 16.

If I take one example from one of my IQ machines, there are 40 cores from the machine below:

sybase at ykt1siquat27: /home/sybase ==> cpuinfo
License hostid:        328e3984
Detected 80 logical processor(s), 40 core(s), in 4 chip(s)

Normally a machine has other tasks that require RAM too.  It’s about between 5% and 20% of the total RAM.

If I go with the ideal configuration, the total RAM on this machine requires 640 GB ((16 GB/CPU core)* 40).  Is this correct?

Or should I add the overhead of 10% or 20% onto 640 GB?

Please advise.  Thank you.

Kind regards,
Steve Shen

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