[IQUG] IQ_MPXNODE license requirements and DR strategy on IQ Multiplex primary and DR

Steve Shen sshen at sscinc.com
Tue Jan 9 12:40:55 MST 2018

Hi all,


1.       One DR strategy from an IQ Multiplex primary to a DR IQ Multiplex.  Each Multiplex has two nodes only.

2.       Does the second node of the DR Multiplex require one license of "IQ_MPXNODE"?

Given an IQ Multiplex with two nodes at the primary, we will need one license of "IQ_MPXNODE" on the second node; but both nodes need to have "IQ_CORE" license. It's clear on the primary IQ Multiplex.  Do we have the same requirement on the second node for the DR IQ Multiplex with  two nodes?

We, including Unix SAs and IQ DBAs" are thinking about taking database full backups and transaction backups and restore them to the IQ Multiplex DR with two nodes periodically throughout the days instead of depending on SAN Snap Mirror replications.  It's not finalized yet.

I am raising two questions below:

1.       Is the DR strategy of using full backups and transaction backups working from the primary IQ Multiplex to the DR IQ Multiplex?

2.       Will I need one more license of "IQ_MPXNODE" on the second node of the DR IQ Multiplex even though the DR Multiplex should be offline most of the time?

If I also need one license of "IQ_MPXNODE" on the second node of the DR IQ Multiplex, it meant that I would need 2 licenses of "IQ_MPXNODE" in order to set up a pair of IQ Multiplex primary and the DR.

Please advise on my two questions.  Thank you.

Steve Shen

t: (646) 827-2102

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