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Gehman, Kirby kirby.gehman at sap.com
Thu Dec 6 12:57:44 MST 2018

Escape_character, quoted_identifer and chained are all listed in the docs as “Takes effect immediately”.

For example:

set option public.quoted_identifier = 'off';
select * from sysoption where "option" = 'quoted_identifier';
set option public.quoted_identifier = 'on';
select * from sysoption where "option" = 'quoted_identifier';

The first returns no results, because the string “option” does not equal the string “quoted_identifier”.

The second returns results because the column “option” does contain a value equal to “quoted_identifier”.

Demonstrating that that the option takes effect immediately

Can you provide an example of what you were doing to test setting of the three options, and what version of the server you’re using so I can test?

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All these years the assumption was all IQ options that we changed were dynamic and does not require a bounce.

In IQ 16.0 is this still true or has this never been true.

Reason I’m asking is that we changed three options (escape_characters, quoted_identifier, and chained) yesterday and it was not until we bounced the IQ 16.0 server did we
results we wanted.

I know from a recent case we were told we needed to bounce the IQ server after changing FP_NBIT_TOKEN_COUNT_CHECK.


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