[IQUG] [iqug] IQ 16.0 connections and high application time

Louie, David David.Louie at blackrock.com
Tue Aug 28 13:13:31 MST 2018

Connection Info:
  Conn Handle:                        42466                                             Login ID:                                  15195
  User Name:                           xxxxx                                             App. Name:                              java
  Host Name:                           xxxxx                                             Host Proc:                                0xe0f
                                                                                                     Client Addr:                             xxxxxx  (XXXXXX)

Transaction Info:                                                                  Performance Info:
  SQL Type:                              SQL Language                                  Client Send Time:                     0.000 seconds
  Packet Size:                          <Unknown>                                     Server Processing Time:          0.031 seconds
  Status:                                  Query Completed Successfully           Client Receive Time:                0.000 seconds
  Start Time:                            08/28/2018 02:32:39.887AM             Total Execution Time:              0.031 seconds
  Rows Returned:                    0
  Rows Affected:                     28                                                   Client Wait Time:                     0.000 seconds
  Transaction #:                      213658                                            Total Query Duration:              0.031 seconds

                                                                                                     Application Time:                    1292.967 seconds

Network Traffic Info:
  Sent To Server:                                                                       Received From Server:
     Bytes Sent:                               42                                                Bytes Received:                        45
     Overhead Bytes Sent:               66                                                Overhead Bytes Received:        66
     Network Packets Sent:             1                                                 Network Packets Received:      1

SQL Text:
call adw.dbo.actual_aro_cpty_cube_sp()

We are seeing poor performance on some procedure executions and load tables and the bottleneck seems outside of IQ.

This output above is from our Proactive dba monitoring and we see the actual execution of the proc (query duration) was .031 secs while the App time is 1292 secs.

Any ideas in what to look at?

We are in 16.0 PL20 ( latest and greatest patch)


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