[IQUG] Slow fetching between two identical IQ servers

Louie, David David.Louie at blackrock.com
Thu Nov 16 07:22:06 MST 2017

Thanks Mark.

However the packet sizes are identical on both Dev and QA servers which does not explain the slow fetching.

I don’t think these options are the issues but saw them set in the slow QA server and not in the DEV.

I opened a case with SAP.

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The max packet size should be 64k now.  Thought that was in 15.4 too.

The options and errors make perfect sense.  Those are not IQ options but rather for dbisql and it’s behavior.


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On Nov 16, 2017, at 07:17, Louie, David <David.Louie at blackrock.com<mailto:David.Louie at blackrock.com>> wrote:

It takes 16X longer to fetch data from IQ to a flat file in our QA server vs our DEV server.

Hardware same, nic card, same, RAM and CPU same.  Table is the same.

My packet size is 16000 ( max).

However I see that these two isql configs are set in the slower server.

Suspecting this may be the issue I want to turn them off or rest to default however cannot

QTREWD_QA_IQ.dlouie..2010.1> set option public.ISQL_SHOW_MULTIPLE_RESULT_SETS='OFF'
QTREWD_QA_IQ.dlouie..2010.2> go
SQL Anywhere Warning 120: 'ISQL_SHOW_MULTIPLE_RESULT_SETS' is an unknown option

QTREWD_QA_IQ.dlouie..2012.1> set option public.ISQL_PRINT_RESULT_SET='LAST';
SQL Anywhere Warning 120: 'ISQL_PRINT_RESULT_SET' is an unknown option

This is IQ 15.4.


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