[IQUG] IQUG Digest, Vol 59, Issue 16

Steve Shen sshen at sscinc.com
Wed Nov 15 12:36:51 MST 2017

Recently my users ran into frequent issues on " Insufficient buffers for 'Sort'" because more concurrent connections were using the production IQ instance at the peak time.

There are two solutions:
1. To increase the value of "-iqtc": It's not easy to find extra RAM!
2. To reduce the value of " Sort_Pinnable_Cache_Percent" from the default 20% to a lower percentage: The SAP/Sybase technical document strongly discouraged us from changing the value on "Sort_Pinnable_Cache_Percent".

I am wondering whether any of you had ever lowered the default values on " Sort_Pinnable_Cache_Percent" and resolved the issues for good.

If yes, what percentage did you lower to?  Please let me know.  Thank you.


Steve Shen

t: (646) 827-2102
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