[IQUG] DISABLE_RI_Check ='ON" question

Mark Mumy markdmumy at gmail.com
Tue Nov 14 05:09:28 MST 2017

With disable on, all rows load.  If rows were kicked out for ri violations you would see these in the IQmsg file.  But you’d have to have the ri check on.  

How are you moving data?


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> On Nov 13, 2017, at 22:16, Louie, David <David.Louie at blackrock.com> wrote:
> We are doing a conversion from solaris to linux and before we run our load table we disable_RK_check=’on’ so we don’t run into constraint violations. ( we decided to create all constaints prior to our data loads)
> From what we were told this will ‘disable RI checking and all the data will load.
> We have an instance where we have data count diffs between two tables.   Only 2.4 billion rows of 4 billion were loaded.
> Is the disable RI check discarding rows which violate FK constraints and not loading all rows as we were lead to believe?
> IF so then would dropping all constraints, loading data, setting disable RI ‘on’ then recreating the constraints be the way to get around this?
> Thanks
> David
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