[IQUG] [iqug] Clone IQ server question

Ron Watkins rwatkins at dssolutions.com
Wed Aug 23 12:35:57 MST 2017

Yes, you do not need any USER datastore to build/configure an IQ node. Just IQ_SYSTEM_MAIN and IQ_SYSTEM_TEMP.
I often build these with default filesystem store, which makes them tiny, then add real MAIN/TEMP/USER stores and drop the original filesystem stores.

All you need is this as a minimum:
create database 'DBName'
        iq page size 65536      -- 65536 131072 262144 524288
        iq path 'main.iq'
        temporary path 'temp.iq';

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I'm building a gold copy IQ server which I can clone future builds.

At minimum I plan to have the IQ sysmain and IQ system temp and no main dbspaces.

Can I still seed this GLD copy with set options, groups, and users without creating the main dbspaces?


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