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The docs for 16.0 SP 11 up to current (16.1 SP2 - https://help.sap.com/viewer/a893406f84f21015b779cc846d759839/ have the following statement:

In-Memory Row-Level Versioning in a Multiplex

The RLV store can only be enabled on the coordinator, making it the RLV writer. All other nodes in a multiplex are considered RLV readers.

On the RLV writer, you can execute DDL, DML, and query data. On RLV readers, data in RLV-enabled tables is available to queries, but modification of data and schema are not allowed.


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Hello all,

As of April 2013 RLV (Row Level Versioning) was not available or supported in IQ Multiplex based on the Internet Link below:


Was it still not supported at IQ version 15.4 and 16 Multiplex today?

Please let me know if you have any insight into this.  Thank you.

Kind regards,

Steve Shen
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