[IQUG] [iqug] IQ 16.0 post upgrade error

Louie, David David.Louie at blackrock.com
Tue Aug 1 12:56:58 MST 2017

Thanks for the input Toni.

Shashi from SAP says this is a known CR in 16.0 which IQ engineering is working on.

I’ve open an incident and will report this to them.


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Hi David,

We encountered -1006000 when we upgraded from IQ 15 to 16.0 SP11.06, though not for doing an sp_iqrebuildindex conversion from FP to NBit. We ran into it where the NBit stats were incorrect or sometimes the error cropped up in a NOT EXISTS clause.

The nasty issue we ran into after the upgrade was the: SQL Anywhere ERROR -1001012: Internal state violation, please contact SAP IQ support
This we had to recreate the tables affected which affected 3% of our tables. While there were tables in this state we were unable to do a DBCC on the database until all tables were recreated and the errored tables were force dropped as the DBCC would crash IQ.

Regards, Toni.

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Subject: [IQUG] [iqug] IQ 16.0 post upgrade error

So I’m rebuilding indices post 15.4 to 16.0 upgrade and some of the index rebuilds are encountering this error:

DEVEWD_IQ.dlouie.master.0.1> sp_iqrebuildindex 'dbo.agency_strats', 'index ASIQ_IDX_T934_C28_FP'
Msg 21, Level 23, State 0
SQL Anywhere Error -1006000: IQ Internal error. Please report this to SAP IQ support.
-- (/remote/rip/iqbuild/views/links/r16.0.0_sp11_git_linux_64/gitsrc/cm/iqa/include/s_bm.h 970)
(1 row affected)

I’ve followed the instructions and reported it to AAP however just wondering if anyone has encountered this?


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