[IQUG] Performing Encapsulated Virtual Backups failed

Michael Keller michael.keller at 1und1.de
Fri Mar 13 09:25:05 MST 2015


Sybase IQ 15.4 :  Version: 3/Enterprise Linux64 - x86_64 - 2.6.18-194.el5/64bit/2013-02-21 10:52:34

We are testing "Encapsulated Virtual Backups".

We use follow statement:
 BACKUP DATABASE FULL VIRTUAL ENCAPSULATED 'sudo -u root  /opt/IQ-SVC-Backup/start-fc-t1' 
BLOCK FACTOR 25 TO '/opt/iq-nfs-backup/nProd/full/snapshot_1/backup_1' SIZE 10485760 WITH COMMENT 'Backup für Snapshot 1'

But the script "/opt/IQ-SVC-Backup/start-fc-t1" did'nt started from database.
If we run the script "/opt/IQ-SVC-Backup/start-fc-t1" as user sybase on console then the script runs successfully.

Can we use "sudo" from IQ Backup Command?


Michael Keller

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