[IQUG] Sybase 16 - FP_NBIT_Autosize_Limit

Rittenhouse, David d.rittenhouse at sap.com
Wed Mar 11 12:46:50 MST 2015

Hi Will,

It appears you are reverse engineering a value based on your desire to use more bits of the n-Bit, and thereby increase your compression ratio.

I am slightly concerned you are increasing the default value by over 30 times.

I don't know what datatypes you are using but I have seen cases where 1m (the default) uniques can take up to 40 minutes to rollover to flat (and surprise surprise halving this value caused the rollover to take half the time - only 20 minutes) - so I'd hate to see
your rollover time increase by a factor of 30 !

I suggest you test it first before taking the plunge.


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Hey Guys,

I notice the default max nBIT is 20 bits, before you flip to flat FP. On IQ 15 we were pretty happy with 3 Byte FPs, so I am thinking we will change FP_NBIT_Autosize_Limit to 33554431, to allow 24 byte, but flip to flat above that. Does that make sense? Does anyone know the pros/cons?

The table I am particularly interested in has about 30 billion rows (and growing), and there are some columns which will be about 22/23 bit if I do this. These columns are used as id's and occasionally will be used as SARGS or joins, but never in group bys. We have 1.5 TB of RAM.


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