[IQUG] moving to IQ 15.x and beyond

Macalalad, Jun jun.macalalad at hp.com
Thu May 30 01:42:35 MST 2013

Thanks all for  your suggestions.

I've configured a IQ 15.4 instance and is in the process of using PowerDesigner.  In the meantime, I've ran iqunload (schema and data) and are having issues with the 15.4 as it still uses the same iq space after migration.  I was thinking of remapping the IQ dbspaces to bigger slices to optimize this DSS database.

I'll update you all as we go along.


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Hi Jun

If you have the resources, it might be better to create a new instance of IQ 15.x, while leaving your 12.7 running.

You can then move the schema and data from the old server to the new server.
You can use PowerDesigner (download an eval copy if you don't have it) to move the schema.
And you can use extract/load or "insert-from-location" to move the actual data.

This will let you build an optimally configured 15.x.


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Hi all,

We have a project to move out of Sybase IQ 12.7 (ESD#4) to the near-latest version of Sybase IQ 15.4.

To move out of 12.7 ESD#4 will require ESD#5 (or later) to migrate the database to IQ 15.4.  Coupled with this is the version of Windows Server platform supporting these versions.

I tried to query this last month but did not get any further.  I also understand from Sybase/SAP that 12.7 ESD#5 won't even run on Windows Server 2003 R2 and that complicates the move to 15.4

Please help.


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