[IQUG] SybaseIQ and Datastage

Rene van der Merwe (ITISS) Rene.vanderMerwe at sanlam.co.za
Mon May 6 00:31:29 MST 2013

Hi All

Is there anyone which are using Datastage version 8.5 connection to SybaseIQ 15.4?

We are in the process of upgrading our SybaseIQ 12.7 environment to version 15.4. We plan to upgrade Datastage once we are done with upgrading IQ.
For the interim, for Datastage (version 8.5), we are using the SybaseIQ 12.7 ODBC drivers and Open Client to connect to our SybaseIQ Development version 15.4 database.
We don't experience any problems, I just want to find out if anyone else have more or less the same scenario with the versions and if there is any knows problems running it this way.

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