[IQUG] Sybase IQ on Solaris ZFS file system

Toni Berry toni.berry at aapt.com.au
Mon Jan 21 21:29:17 MST 2013

Hi All,

We run Sybase IQ 15.2 ESD2 on a Solaris X64 platform, and the DB files
reside on a ZFS file system - unfortunately we are not allowed to use raw
devices (an internal ruling that we cannot override).

Our infrastructure guys have deploying a new NetApp, with SAS drives, real
4k alignment etc. Not as great as a real SAN, but better than what we had.

Anyway, I'm after anyone with ZFS experience to advise on the optimum setting
the ZFS parameter *recordsize* - by default it is 128KB,?  should I leave
it as is or increase/decrease  the value?    Note: The page size setting
(in sp_iqstatus) reads as: *131072/8192blksz/16bpp* - Ie. the IQ page size
is 128KB

The ASA DB file is the default 4KB page size. Should I set the ZFS
recordsize to 4KB (or other, or left as 128KB) for the file system that
this file resides on?

Another question, if I want to move the ASA DB file, can I simply shut down
the database, do a mv (or cp) of the DB file to new location and start
Sybase IQ referring the copied/moved db file   Eg.

cp /sybase001/edw.db   /new_location/moved_edw.db

and change startup from:

${IQDIR15}/bin64/start_iq @/opt/sybase/aapt/DMS2_PROD3_IQ12.cfg
${IQDIR15}/bin64/start_iq @/opt/sybase/aapt/DMS2_PROD3_IQ12.cfg

And finally... the DEFAULT_KB_PER_STRIPE option, should that stay as a
default value of 1? Is there any gains in adjusting this value?  We have
four "user main" IQ DB files - not sure if this option has any value when

Regards,   Toni.
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