[IQUG] Dbisql on Linux - location of various files created

Nia, Kathy X kathy.x.nia at jpmorgan.com
Mon Jan 21 07:35:09 MST 2013


We're trying to run Dbisql  15.4 on Linux, using a local install.  Based on the installation, and running, a number of files are created  in the home directory of the user running it rather than installing it.  Does anyone know if there is any way controlling where these files go, or further details about them.    I've tried looking in the manuals, but couldn't find it.

1)      Homedir/.sybase/DBISQL 12.0.1 /.isqlPreferences12_64   - shows dbislq display preferences.  Created when dbisql is run

2)      Home dir/.sqlanywhere12/diagnostics/ssasrv.ini              - creates entry for server connected to

3)       Home dir/.sqlanywhere12/diagnostics/isqlError.xml      - details of any internal errors encountered.  Keeps n versions round-robin.

Any other files we should watch out for?


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